Welcome to surleboutdesdoigts!

Either, you keep reading and you will learn more about me. Or, you are in a hurry and you will come back to read it later. There could be other reasons for you to not read it. However, let me believe that you could be interested about the guy between the keyboard and the chair. :P

The guy between the keyboard and the chair

Dear reader

Sometimes you learn stuff, you do not want to forget. And sometimes, you think it would be a good idea to share it, discuss it. That’s it ! This is the idea behind this blog.

Here you will find articles, cheat sheets, tutorials about software development, architecture, frameworks, agile development, etc … Everything related to software engineering and tech innovation. I will write about subjects I have looked into deep enough to consider myself able to have constructive debates.

You might be a passionate of software development and a tech lover. Or just someone looking for the answer to fix any kind of issues.
In both cases, I am happy to share my knowledge and learn from you!.

Also, this is a way for me to show what I mastered to a certain extent.

My apps ( coming soon !!)

In the menu, there is a section which will display to the world the apps, I have made available for anyone to test and use.
Some of them will be open source with the code source available on my github account. The others will be just free to use.
Of course, feel free to share, comments. If you have any ideas for an improvement or new feature, do not hesitate.

Me, myself and I

Curious, fast learner. And sometimes silly.

I am a professional software engineer and certified scrum master.
I have been working for more than two years in the financial services industry as a full stack developer analyst using Agile and DevOps practices. For some time, I have been taking up the role of Scrum master in my team and still work closely with the one I passed the torch to.

Constructive criticism does not upset me. I consider it to be the fastest way to improve myself. And, my favorite one, actually.
The second one being to have constructive debates. It really helps my brain develop.

When I am missing something, I see it as two dots lacking a bond between them. Once I notice that, I always hurry and try to understand what I am missing.
I am always excited to find the solution and link those dots.

People tend to see me as:

  • Smart
  • A good listener
  • Funny in my own way
  • Structured
  • Organized
  • Careful
  • Realistic
  • Team player
  • Introvert

I am on my way to become a experienced software engineer. I am learning management practices and leading techniques to bring teams to their goals with efficiency and great humour.

Enjoy, comments, learn !